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Get away from it all and still enjoy 4G speeds in 16 countries with EE

22nd August 2014
4G speeds in 16 countries with EE

Life on the beach gets better for smartphone lovers!

Back in March EE made it possible for its customers to roam at 4G speeds when in France or Spain, but now just in time for the tail end of the summer the network has extended that ability to fourteen more countries.

EE customers can now browse over 4G when in Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Moldova, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Switzerland as well.

So you can take advantage of high speed data even when you’re on holiday, which is ideal for keeping in touch, sharing photos, or just finding your way around and looking up reviews of places. It could be equally useful if you’re away on business, as you’ll be able to keep in the loop a lot more easily.

And 16 countries isn’t the end of it, as EE plans to continue making agreements abroad so its customers can experience 4G speeds wherever they are.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE said: “EE already has the biggest and fastest 4G network in the UK – now we’re also allowing our customers to stay connected on 4G when they’re abroad. Our customers will benefit in 15 destinations today, with further popular travel destinations to follow in the coming months.

“Whether it’s working on the move, social networking, using maps, or just finding a great place to eat in an unknown city, our customers can now enjoy the same superfast and reliable mobile experience at home and overseas.”

While you can now use 4G in more places this isn’t a free service like Three’s Feel At Home, you still have to pay for roaming bundles. These are available to consumers and small businesses (with corporate plans soon to follow) and include £3 for 50MB of data or up to £25 for 500MB in the EU.

As you can only use the data you’ve purchased there’s no chance of running up shock bills and if you’re on a 4GEE Extra plan you’ll also get unlimited roaming minutes and texts to select countries, while customers on Business Extra plans get three hours of roaming and international calls every month to and from Europe and the US.

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