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Free 4G Trial including 5GB of mobile data – well sort of

15th January 2013
4G Trial on EE Do you fancy a FREE trial of 4G with EE to experience how much faster 4G is over your current 3G network provider ? If the answer is yes and you are currently looking to buy a 4G tablet or dongle this deal may be for you. Unfortunately, 4G phones are not included as part of this deal.   Once you've bought a tablet or dongle from Expansys they will give you a FREE 4GEE SIM card with 5GB of 4G mobile data included. The first month comes free ( including the 5GB of data usage ) and there is no long term contract either. After the first month you can either cancel the contract or continue on a monthly contract costing £16 per month. If you cancel after the first month you have had a Free trial of 4G as no costs are incurred.   One condition is that you need to buy a tablet or dongle and register the 4G SIM prior to 28th February this year. You can buy either a 3G or 4G tablet or dongle but you will only get download speeds of five times faster with a 4G tablet or dongle. The 5GB of mobile data allowance applies to either 4G or 3G use.   The 4G devices that currently qualify for the Free trial deal are the Apple iPad, iPad Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Follow the links to read our reviews of these 4G tablets. Two SIM sizes are available – the Micro and Nano.   The one 4G dongle that is included is the Huawei E392 MBB Stick. The Huawei E589 Mobile WiFi router is not included in this deal.
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