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EE’s Business Connect is a flexible, custom-made plan

2nd April 2015

EE’s Business Connect is a flexible, custom-made plan

Companies are all different sizes with many different needs and not only that but their needs can change from month to month too. It’s with that in mind that EE created Business Connect- a truly flexible plan.

It’s a single plan with minutes, texts and data shared across devices, roaming add-ons can be bolted on when someone is travelling abroad and tablets, SIM cards and mobile broadband devices can be added to the plan as well as smartphones.

Plus various contract lengths are available for each device, so if you have temporary workers you can add them for just 30 days at a time.

The plan is easy to manage, with controls in your account allowing you to block data abroad, all usage abroad, data in the UK and international and premium rate calls for any or all devices.

Plus each Business Connect plan comes with five free MobileIron licences, allowing you to manage apps and content through a simple interface.

To give you a closer look at Business Connect EE has created a case study video showing the good it’s done for Digital Next. It highlights many of these features in action, as well as other benefits of the plan, such as calls to Europe and the USA included at no extra cost.

Plus as it’s an EE service it also benefits from widespread 4G coverage and even faster 4G+ speeds in some areas.

  Find out more about Business Connect here.

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