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EE’s 4G Phones and Tablets To Benefit From Lookout Security

5th December 2012

EE has confirmed that it will pre-install the Lookout Security and Antivirus software program as standard on all Android 4G phones and 4G tablets within its portfolio. The agreement also means that all Android devices sold by Orange and T-Mobile will get the software pre-installed too.

Lookout will come pre-loaded early in 2013 and offers mobile device owners protection against viruses, theft and loss. So 4G expect to see the following 4G phones : Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, HTC One XL, Huawei Ascend P1 LTE as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE Android 4G tablet come pre-loaded with Lookout.

Lookout offers mobile devices protection from malicious software by scanning all files and Apps on the handset and by checking links on websites etc. Lookout software can be seen in action in the video below.

A lost mobile device can be located by using Google Maps via the Lookout website. Another feature is the ability to set your mobile device into “scream mode” even if it is set to silent. Other information such as last logged location can be viewed even if the device’s battery has been removed or uncharged.

If your phone is presumed lost you have the option to “lock out your device” to prevent it being used by someone else. At the same time you can restore all previously backed up contacts, pictures and videos via the Lookout cloud service.

The basic version of Lookout will be free with an option to upgrade to Lookout Premium for around £1.90p a month. The free version of Lookout can be downloaded here.

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