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EE’s 4G data can make advertising more relevant

3rd October 2014
EE’s 4G data can make advertising more relevant

It’s not always easy to get excited about adverts, but it’s not so bad when they’re at least relevant to your interests. That’s something we’ve been seeing on the web for a while now, with adverts appearing based on your browsing history, but now a similar thing is possible for billboards and other real world adverts and EE is at the heart of it.

Essentially EE uses its mobile device data (or mData) to find out how people use their phones in different locations, including what apps they use and what things they look up. For example it was found that at Surbiton station a large number of people visit fashion related websites.

It’s not clear why that is and it’s never something that could have been guessed, but it’s evident from the data and so that’s an obvious spot to put up fashion related advertising.

All of EE’s data is aggregated and anonymised and with around 30 million users it has a 40% market share of mData, so it can give deeper insights than anyone else in the mobile space.

EE is already working in partnership with Posterscope to make advertising more relevant and effective and it’s been proven to work. For example in a recent Lenovo campaign the company found that its advertising was 200% more effective when posters were placed in relevant mobile hotspots.

It’s feasible that in the future this idea could go even further and be used to change advertising on the fly as mobile usage in a location changes.

While advertising is a key way that this data is used it’s not its only use either. It can provide insight on population movements, which could prove key in planning infrastructure and the data could also lead to a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour, which could benefit retailers. In short it has the potential to make things easier and more relevant and that’s surely no bad thing.

Find out more about mData here.

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