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EE Up Its 4G Mobile Data Allowance

29th November 2012

The UK’s first 4G mobile operator looks as though its trying to drum up more 4G phone sales as it offers more 4G mobile data per month without increasing prices. EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) launched 4G in 11 cities in the UK around 4 weeks ago and are now fine tuning its 4G price plans.

EE customers on a 4GEE Phone Plan or Mobile Broadband Plan now get more for the same price. In fact for any plan offering over 1GB of data allowance you now get 60% more. The old 4GEE plan is compared to the new one below :

Old Allowance             New Allowance           Cost Per Month

2GB                             3GB                             £46

3GB                             5GB                             £51

5GB                             8GB                             £56 wanted to see the paltry 500MB and 1GB data allowances increased ( £36 and £41 respectively ) to something more respectable. 500MB is easily “gobbled up” within minutes of downloading a HD video to your 4G phone. Yes EE, we know you give us Free BT-Wi-Fi but that’s not the point.

At the same time, EE has  introduced a one month SIM only plan with 4G mobile broadband customers getting 5GB of data for £15.99. A 4GEE dongle or a mobile Wi-Fi device with 1GB of data will cost from £12.99 per month up to £16 for 5GB. All plans come with unlimited phone calls and texts.

Its great to see EE offering higher 4G data allowances but we would of liked to have seen the miserable 500MB 4G data allowance increased so that all customers benefited equally from EE’s generosity. Of course, the way to trigger a 4G phone stampede is to offer an unlimited 4G mobile data allowance.

EE chief marketing officer consumer Pippa Dunn said: “These updates underline our commitment to offering customers the best value and choice from our plans. We recognise Superfast 4GEE opens up a range of possibilities for our customers from browsing to gaming to HD movie streaming so it’s right that we increase the breadth of our plans to meet everyone’s needs.”

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