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EE migrates to a new Juniper backbone network

30th June 2014


EE migrates to a new 4G backbone platform - faster and more reliable services.

If there’s one thing any 4G network needs it’s a reliable backbone, which is why EE has just migrated to a new IP/MPLS platform built by Juniper.

MPLS, or multiprotocol label switching, is simply a way of directing data from one network node to another, which is something all telecommunications networks need to do. The advantage of an IP/MPLS network over a pure IP (internet protocol) one is that it’s faster and more reliable, which in turn makes EE’s network faster and more reliable.

Peter O’Donnell, head of Transport Network Design and Planning, EE, said: “As the first mobile operator to launch LTE in the UK, EE had to ensure that the quality of the 4G service was of the highest standard. We now predict 97 percent of our customer base will be using 4G devices by 2018, largely because of the positive experience our network has delivered.

"The MX Series from Juniper has a strong track record with proven investment protection. The Universal Edge provides EE with all the capacity and performance head-room that we need in the medium term and has a strong development roadmap, so our investment is sound.”

So in other words by transitioning to Juniper’s platform EE’s capacity and performance should increase. That’s important as the network is rapidly growing and will need all the capacity it can get. So from a consumer perspective this is good news because it should mean EE’s network remains fast and reliable, even as the load on it increases.

Of course it’s good for businesses that rely on EE for the same reasons and it’s also good for MVNO’s that use EE’s network or companies that may want to become EE MVNO’s as EE will have the capacity to support them.

Juniper isn’t the only company with an MPLS platform, but EE chose it because both Orange and Deutsche Telekom (EE’s parent companies) have benefited from Juniper’s technology.

Sean Dolan, senior vice president, EMEA, Juniper Networks said: "People are reliant on mobile devices, applications and services -- and they have built up expectations of even faster downloads and high-quality application performance from 4G/LTE-enabled networks. EE chose to build a High-IQ Network using the MX Series at the Universal Edge to meet that demand while creating a sustainable business model that monetizes its investment effectively."

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