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EE comes out on top in the P3 connect Mobile Benchmark

26th October 2015

P3 test gear

Late last year we reported that EE had topped a new independent benchmark carried out by P3 connect, and now it’s done it again, topping the P3 connect leader boards for 2015.

The tests for each network were carried out in both large and small cities, walking and driving and on the connecting roads between cities, to get a comprehensive picture of how each network fares for voice and data.

EE was found to be best overall, with a total score of 760 out of 1000 across all tests. That was followed by Three in second place with 687, then Vodafone with 673 and finally O2 with 638. The order of results was similar to last year, but Vodafone and O2 have swapped places.

However, while EE came out on top overall that was mostly down to strong data scores in P3 connect's tests. The network achieved 490 points out of 600 possible points for data overall, with an 89% success rate when driving through big cities, 79% when walking through them, 61% in small cities and 76% on connecting roads.


Vodafone was second for data with an overall score of 373 out of 600, achieving 75% success in drive tests and 73% when walking, but just 27% in small cities and 36% on connecting roads.

O2 was third here, with a score of 370, so very close to Vodafone. It managed a 76% success rate when driving though big cities, a 71% success rate when walking through them, a 23% success rate in small cities and a 34% success rate on connecting roads.

Three came last for data with a score of just 354, getting 60% in the big city drive test, 61% in the walk test, 47% in small cities and 62% on connecting roads.

Yet despite its weak data score Three still came second overall, because it came first in the P3 connect voice tests, with an overall score of 333 out of 400. It achieved over 80% in all voice tests, pointing to high reliability for calls.

Vodafone came second here with a score of 300 and EE was disappointingly weak, taking third place with just 270. O2 was ever so slightly further behind with 268.

With its second place scores for both voice and data in P3 connect's tests Vodafone is arguably the best all-rounder, despite only achieving third place overall. It’s also seemingly showing signs of improvement, having overtaken O2 since last year.

But it’s clear that if data is important to you EE is the network to go for, while if voice is a priority you should look to Three.

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