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EE plans to rapidly increase 4G accessibility

23rd May 2014
  EE plans to rapidly increase 4G accessibility

EE is still racing ahead of the competition when it comes to 4G in the UK and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The network has announced that 4G contract sales have now outstripped 3G sales, with 3.6 million customers signed up to superfast 4GEE.

But the network aims to bring in even more customers by rapidly expanding its 4G coverage. Right now that accelerated rollout is going to focus on rural areas and transport links- the places that have fallen behind and are in need of 4G connectivity.

Olaf Swantee (above), CEO of EE said: “We’re committed to remaining one step ahead – adapting our network to make 4G available where it matters most, with a focus on more rural areas, transport links and offering our customers the best network experience and great value, innovative devices and plans.”

More specifically EE is working on three things. It’s bringing 4G to 2,588 villages and small towns with populations of under 10,000, many of which will be in rural areas. Examples given by EE include Aberdulais in Wales which is home to around 500 people and Silverburn in Scotland which is home to less than 65.

In total more than 3 million people in rural areas already have access to EE’s 4G network and it’s working on increasing that number.

The second thing EE is doing is ensuring that transport links and other areas of high usage have access to 4G. The network has already got most cities covered but now it’s focusing on the likes of major roads and airports.

So far EE has brought 4G to 47 major train stations, 22 busy airports and has upwards of 50% 4G coverage on 50 busy motorways and A-roads and as with rural locations the network is working hard on increasing its coverage in such locations, including a plan to bring 4G to major motorway service stations, so you can stay connected at all times.

Finally, EE is also working on doubling the number of locations which receive its double speed 4G signal. Currently 20 towns and cities have access to it and by the end of the year EE aims to bring that number up to 40, taking 4G to the next level for millions of users, though it hasn’t yet confirmed which locations will be getting the speed boost.

All in all EE seems to be doing its best to stay ahead of the competition and ensure that as many people can enjoy 4G on its network as possible, wherever they happen to be. The expansions and upgrades EE is working on are necessary too, as 4G uptake is skyrocketing and EE is expecting data traffic to go up by 1100% in the next four years, so having a strong infrastructure is going to be essential.

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