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EE 'Good As New': Everything you need to know

27th April 2017

EE good as new

Smartphones can be expensive, especially when coupled with a 4G contract, but EE’s Good As New service aims to minimise the sting on your wallet by offering good as new 4G phones and tablets for discounted prices.

It’s a bit like buying a refurbished device, but better, as said device is almost new and in perfect condition.

Here’s everything you need to know about Good As New, including exactly what it is, what you can get and the sorts of prices you’ll have to pay.

What is Good As New?

A ‘Good As New’ device is a phone or tablet which has been sent to an EE customer and returned within 14 days.

To qualify for the service the product must be free of cosmetic damage and EE will ensure that all data is erased, the device is returned to its factory settings, it’s shrink wrapped and supplied with a battery, charger and all of the in-box literature.

Good As New devices are also extensively tested, to make sure they live up to the name.

Plus, all devices will come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and you’re even entitled to return them within 14 days, just like the person before you was and did.

So in every way that counts they really are as good as new. They may not have been used at all and if they have then 14 days or less isn’t enough time for the battery to have been at all worn down or anything and they’ll look new.

If anything does go wrong they’re covered under warranty anyway, so you can have the same peace of mind as if you’d bought a new product.

Yet because they’re not quite new EE is offering them on both pay monthly and pay as you go plans for lower prices. That could either mean money off up front or money off your monthly bill or both.

EE Good as new

What’s available and at what prices?

Good As New devices are available exclusively from EE’s online shop – so you won’t be able to get them in store.

The selection at time of writing includes dozens of phones and several tablets – though the exact selection will of course fluctuate based on what devices are returned to EE.

iPhone 7 Good As New Plus Loads More

Current smartphone highlights include a 32GB iPhone 7, which starts at just £40.99 per month plus £9.99 upfront for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. If bought new that same plan would cost £45.99 per month – adding up to an extra £120 over the two-year life of the contract.

Other high-end phones available on Good As New include the iPhone 7 Plus, which starts at £50.99 per month, plus £9.99 upfront and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, starting from £30.99 per month plus £99.99 upfront, both of which are also substantial savings.

There’s also a selection of mid-range and lower end handsets on Good As New, such as the Huawei P9, Sony Xperia X and Samsung Galaxy A3, all at a bargain price.

If buying outright you can for example get the Samsung Galaxy J3 for just £99.99 (down from £119.99 if bought new), or the Sony Xperia XA for just £109.99 (down from £129.99 if bought new).

Over in tablet land you can choose between the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0, EE Robin and iPad Pro 9.7 – the latter of which is a stunning slate and costs from £42 per month plus £49.99 upfront for a whopping 20GB of monthly data.

So Good As New is a great way to get a bargain on a 4G device, and as this is EE you’ll be on arguably the best network to enjoy 4G too.

EE Good as new

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