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Consumers Not Ready to Jump Ship to 4G Yet

21st January 2013
4G Consumers A new survey conducted by YouGov commissioned by Virgin Media Business confirms what have been advocating since the launch of 4G in the UK last year in late October.   The research survey involved 2,000 people over the age of 18 who were asked about what would make them change their current mobile operator to one which offered 4G connectivity and download speeds of up to 5 times faster than they currently experience.   The results showed that 90% of those questioned would not change their current mobile operator to benefit from 4G connectivity.   The fuller survey results showed the reasons why people were not ready to jump ship to 4G yet and these were : 61% said cost, 34% needed wider 4G coverage, 22% wanted better 4g connectivity and 10% expected higher 4G download speeds.   Interestingly, of those questioned, 71% did not know what download speeds their current mobile operator offered.   George Wareing of Virgin Media Business commented “With so much investment being made into existing and future services, and huge expectations around what those advances will bring to the UK, it’s time for telcos like us to work even more closely to deliver a blend of technologies that will not only improve existing 3G performance, but also ensure that 4G is the success everyone wants it to be,” he said.   “Of course price will always be a factor with consumer purchasing decisions. However, by taking a holistic approach and giving customers a better understanding of their services, operators will be able to differentiate themselves not just on price but on a better all-round service, setting themselves up perfectly to roll-out future technology such as 4G.”
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