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Carphone Warehouse Secures 4GEE Business to Business Rights

24th January 2013
Carphone WarehouseEE’s 4G sales and marketing strategy seems to be unfolding slowly but surely. We heard this week that Phones 4U will be launching as a 4G Mobile Virtual Network Operator ( MVNO ) using EE’s 4GEE mobile network services. This boosts EE’s selling power on the High Street with an additional 350 shops and importantly around 150 of these are based within Dixons, Currys and PC World.   The latest announcement is that Carphone Warehouse Business can now offer EE’s 4GEE mobile services to its business customers. CPW Business will be able to offer its customers either the small, large or public sector packages that EE have available. This includes all the 4G phones and tabets available to consumers but with price plans and data usage tailored for business users.   Another EE marketing move hit the headlines this week and that was that EE is in place to sponsor Wembley Stadium which will “plonk” EE’s 4GEE mobile service headlong in front of the football masses.   These three recent moves by EE are really well structured and have seen EE growing stronger each day since they launched their 4G mobile network back in late October.
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