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Apple iOS 6.1 Released – 4G Support Introduced

1st February 2013
Apple iOS 6.1

Apple have released a new version of their operating system for iPhones and iPads – iOS 6.1.

With each new version we expect to see a slew of upgrades, and in this iOS 6.1 doesn’t disappoint, although some aspects may not be of immediate benefit to UK users.

For a start, there’s support for more 4G LTE networks across the globe. There are 56 in total so far, an increase of 36 over the last count. UK users can already access 4G through EE, so perhaps in this case the upgrade is of little use if any.

But this is only one feature. Apple have introduced a range of bug fixes including the bug which causes those horizontal lines to appear whenever a folder or app opens and the bug which allowed access to Passbook from the lock- screen. They’ve also fixed the cancellation bug which affected Exchange meetings. As a bonus they’ve reintroduced the option to download single tracks from iMatch, something which mysteriously disappeared in previous versions.

With iOS 6.1 users in the US can now book cinema tickets using Siri in conjunction with the Fandango app, so voice activated online booking may not be too far away for us here in the UK too.

And you know that when you go online to buy a pair of Uggs for your significant other, then all you see is ads for Uggs (other madly expensive footware is available) on every website you visit? Well, Apple have introduced a new button which allows you to reset the Advertising Identifier (very useful) and even opt out of targeted ads altogether (very, very useful).

All in all, with other bug fixes and innovations we would say that iOS 6.1 is worth downloading, and is available for downloading now, for the iPhone 3GS and version 2 and higher of the iPad.

As ever, we here at 3G urge users to backup all your data before upgrading, to avoid the ubiquitous double face-palm which is becoming ever more popular.

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