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Apple Auditing Operators’ 4G Mobile Networks ?

3rd December 2012

It seems Apple is carrying out its own independent 4G mobile network tests before granting the mobile operator a right to sell its 4G enabled Apple iPhone 5. Leading Telecom website has reported that Swisscom recently went through this process.

Swisscom spoke to and confirmed that "Apple only enables 4G access after testing their device on an operator's live network," Swisscom launched its 4G network last week but at the current time don’t have Apple’s OK to sell the 4G enabled iPhone 5. are a little surprised at this but would not rule out this happening in the UK too. If Apple enforced this policy across all operators this would mean that EE has already undergone such qualification testing approval as they already sell the 4G version of the iPhone 5.

Apple has so far made no statement about whether it does enforce 4G qualification testing in all cases or whether the Swisscom 4G launch involved some technical aspect that may have caused an incompatibility problem e.g. indoor signal reception and was an isolated case.

Here in the UK, the iPhone 5 will need to work on three frequency bandwidths – the 800MHZ, 1800MHz and the 2.6GHZ. Normally, each 4G mobile operator would conduct  its own qualification testing for each handset via 4G network trials.

We can’t really see the need for Apple to conduct it’s own qualification testing unless its simply to make sure everything is 100% correct from Apple’s perspective. It’s interesting to note that Apple already apply this qualification model to any form of advertising material for the iPhone 5 and so the qualification testing requirement does not surprise us here at undertook its review of the Apple iPhone 5 and everything seemed in order to us. Apple iPhone 5 review here.

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