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EE Launching New Shared 4GEE Plans

17th July 2013
EE's new shared 4GEE price plans

In order to give customers more choice and flexibility than ever, EE have announced a range of new services, all of which are set to launch on the 17th of July.

One of those new services is the ability to set up shared 4GEE plans. Essentially rather than having a separate plan for each device that you own, you’d have them all covered by the same plan and sharing the same data, minutes and texts. You might be wondering how many people actually have multiple contracts anyway but it could easily happen. If for example you have a work phone, a personal phone and a tablet that’s already three devices that potentially need a separate plan. Plus you can also use a shared plan to add mobile data to a laptop and you can even add friends and family to the plan.

It sounds like a great way of simplifying things and allowing customers with multiple mobile devices to save money. Of course you can’t add new devices to a shared 4GEE plan for free. Adding a 3G or 4G phone to the plan will add upwards of £12 a month to the monthly cost for SIM only or from £22 a month for a new 4G handset. However it still works out as a saving, as it’s cheaper than a separate contract and while all devices will be eating into the same data allowance, meaning that it won’t go as far as if it was only used for one device, you actually get unlimited calls and texts on every device, so there will be no limitation on them.

Prices for adding tablets to a shared plan differ from mobiles. Adding an existing 4G tablet on SIM only will incur a monthly charge of at least £5, while adding a new 4G tablet will cost upwards of £26 per month. Adding an existing 3G or Wi-Fi tablet (via a mobile Wi-Fi device) will cost at least £11 a month.

As well as personal shared 4GEE plans, EE are also launching corporate plans and plans for small and medium businesses- and it’s easy to see how that could amount to huge savings for any businesses that take them up.

Any device added to a shared personal 4GEE plan- even if it’s a friend or family members device rather than your own, will also get access to the standard EE perks such as two for one cinema tickets courtesy of EE Film and fast track to customer services. You can also get inclusive TV, music or game content add-ons if you’re getting a new 4G phone or tablet and for new 4G phones there will also be access to their Clone Phone Lite service, which ensures that you receive a replacement phone within 24 hours if yours is lost, damaged or stolen.

Shared 4GEE plans can include up to 20GB of data and be used across up to five different devices. They should be available to all customers from the 17th of July.

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