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4G Phones Turn Into Mobile Payment Terminals

7th November 2012


EE are offering small businesses in the UK the opportunity to turn their 4G phones and 4G tablets into a mobile payment terminal. The mobile payment terminal is made by iZettle and is a mini chip card reader which the business user plugs into their 4G phone or 4G tablet. The service starts tomorrow and is an exclusive to EE in the UK and therefore only available on EE's 4G network.

The new iZettle reader can be bought from the majority of EE High Street shops and comes with an iZettle App too. EE are promoting this as an excellent way for a small business such as a mobile computer repair company to have its bill paid for on the spot via one of the cards below. Recent research commissioned by EE indicates that an estimated 3 Million small businesses in the UK could benefit from taking mobile payments via their 4G phones.

The iZettle card reader is compatible with 4G smartphones having Android 2.1 or above and is also compatible with the iPhones, iPads and the iPad mini. The cost of the reader is low at only £20 and iZettle merchants ( the business using the iZettle mobile payment card reader ) can accept payments from Diners Club, American Express, Mastercard and Visa. iZettle take 2.75% of the value of each transaction to process it.

More on how iZettle works can be seen in the video above.

Gerry McQuade, Chief Marketing Officer at EE said: “iZettle is a revolution for small businesses and consumers across the nation. The aim of our new superfast EE brand is to make businesses’ digital lives easier and ultimately more profitable through technology. Businesses and consumers are on the cusp of mobile payment transformation and we are delighted to bring iZettle to market, enhancing our mobile payment portfolio.”

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