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4G For Business Users

27th November 2012

4G was launched in the UK four weeks ago when EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) became the UK’s first 4G mobile network operator. EE  launched 4G in 11 cities and will add another 5 cities before the end of 2012. 4G mobile offers business users the opportunity to download emails, attachments and files onto their 4G phones up to five times faster than with 3G.

EE currently has 3 packages for business users and these are classed as Small Businesses ( under 50 people ), Large Businesses ( over 50 people )  and the Public Sector. EE’s 4G service is called 4GEE and offers business users some interesting benefits over 3G.

These include HD video conferencing on 4G enabled smartphones, handling large files via Sharepoint and business applications like WebEx, SAP and Salesforce. One of the most interesting possibilities which could be used in a number of industry sectors is the use of video head-cams which can relay live 4G video footage back to say a hospital or a head office etc.

One of the most important issues when using mobile devices within the business sector is the question of both company and client data security. EE offer all business users its Secure Mobility package. This is a total security package covering IT infrastructure and usage right through to the user’s 4G smartphone or tablet.

4G business users get 24/7 UK based customer support , a next-day replacement for all faulty phones within warranty and a Phone Clone service. Each 4G phone or 4G tablet user in your company can use EE’s Phone Clone service via the EE Phone Clone App which then ensures that all contacts, emails, photos, videos and files are backed up so they are never lost.

The range of 4G phones, 4G tablets, Wi-Fi and modems is basically the same as available to consumers, the only difference applies to 4G mobile data pricing and allocations. For business users, the lowest mobile data package comes in at 1GB for a cost of £11 per month and this increases to the maximum of 128GB  at a cost of £160 per month.

With the Huawei E589 Mi-Fi device, a small business could have the Mi-Fi device in its office setup to work as a “4G hotspot” which then lets that business connect up to five Wi-Fi devices to the 4G mobile internet. see many companies looking to change to 4G as 4G mobile coverage becomes nationwide.

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