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£350 Million Loan for 4G Mast Improvements

10th December 2012

According to a daily national newspaper, EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) has secured a £350 million loan from the European Investment Bank ( EIB ) to improve its 4G mobile network coverage in rural areas of the UK.

The Daily Telegraph’s ( 6th December ) article says that EE will be able to use the £350m loan to increase the height of a number of masts in rural areas from 15 meters to as high as 30 meters. Additionally, some of the loan will be used to convert older 2G masts to 4G standards.

EE currently seems to have everything going its way. Not only are they the only 4G operator in the UK it now seems they have secured a loan, which is likely to be below commercial rates, from the European Union via the EIB. can’t help thinking this is likely to be seen as unfair in a number of ways to the other UK mobile operators who still need to apply for a 4G mobile licence next year.

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