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2.5 Million Nokia Lumia 920 4G Phones Shifted

29th November 2012

News has come from ASIA via the Chinese version of Yahoo that Nokia has achieved world-wide sales of 2.5 million units for the Nokia Lumia 920. So what you may be thinking, but these have been sold in just 20 days !

In a separate report, Bloomberg says that “ Microsoft are selling four times as many Windows phones as this time last year, helped by a new version of its phone software for more powerful handsets with faster screens”.

A flagship 4G phone from Nokia selling so well is a big boost for the Finnish company and also for Microsoft. It was way back in February, 2011 that Microsoft and Nokia “pooled” their resources to develop the Windows Phone operating system.

There are reports from the US and other areas of the world that the Nokia Lumia 920 is selling out fast and the only way to get one is to wait a week or two as stocks are replenished. Of course, in the UK you can only get the 4G enabled Nokia Lumia 920 via EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ).

It’s interesting to see such good sales for what is primarily a 4G phone and it would certainly be of interest to us here at to see how many EE have sold, but this is very unlikely to happen. reviewed the Nokia Lumia 920 4G Phone earlier this month when we concluded “It is undeniable that this is a 4G handset packed full of features you’re just not going to get anywhere else. The Nokia Lumia 920’s amazing PureView floating lens camera, the slickly useful Nokia apps such as Maps, Drive and Music, and then there’s those super cool, wireless charging gadgets and NFC accessories. It does weigh a lot, but this handset looks great. If only it had a better battery life”.

We are delighted to hear of the good sales for the Lumia 920 as we are long term fans of Nokia and its always beneficial to have another phone operating system ( Windows Phone 8 ) in the mix to challenge Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

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