June 15, 2015

EE highlights the strengths of WiFi Calling in a new advert

EE launches Wi-Fi Calling

EE is the first and currently only network to allow for WiFi Calling, a service which lets you call and text over WiFi, so you can stay in touch even when there’s no mobile signal.

It’s undeniably useful and to make people aware of it and highlight just how useful it can be EE has released an advert about it, starring, as always, Kevin Bacon.

The advert shows it off on the iPhone 6 specifically, though it’s also available for the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Microsoft Lumia 640, Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, Samsung Galaxy S5, EE Harrier and EE Harrier Mini with more phones likely to follow shortly.

In the video Kevin bacon heads to a remote lighthouse to show the Captain in residence that he can now get signal from his home. Then we find him in a ‘man-cave’ which had previously been devoid of signal and even at a London Underground station, where he takes a call.

In short wherever you can get a WiFi connection you can use WiFi Calling. It’s a seamless experience, which uses your standard SMS app and dialler and best of all it’s free to EE customers with compatible handsets.

Interested yet? For all you need to know about Wi-Fi Calling, how to get it and how to set it up we’ve created a handy guide, so head over there now if you’re on EE or considering making the move.

Find out which devices come with WiFi Calling here.

  • James Vincent

    Correction there. EE delayed the launch of their WiFi calling and its very limited to few handsets. EE is not the only Network Operator to offer the service. Three were the 1st to launch the service with an application. OK, they didn’t make Network changes, they took a short cut with an app that works REALLY well. This post needs be changed please.

    • Dan

      Infact O2 were the first with Tu Go which is an app and by this article it mean WiFi Calling built in to the phone without no app. As for apps O2 were the first then Three so far.

      • James Vincent

        True. Thanks for the reminder

  • Russ

    A lot of folks are getting their knickers in a knot with WiFi calling vs. calling over WiFi with an app. This hasn’t been helped by marketing departments trying to dumb-things-down for the masses.

    With true WiFi calling, your phone calls and texts “just work” on your phone in the same way as they do when using the mobile network signal, ie it uses your phone’s built-in dialler and text messaging facilities, so it’s a seamless experience which requires no intervention.

    Apps such as o2’s TuGo and Three’s inTouch are more like Skype, but it uses your mobile phone number instead of a user ID. All calls and texts made when using these apps stay within the app, and you do of course need to remember to load the app up when needed.

    Personally, I think that TuGo and inTouch were great forerunners to WiFi calling, but they’re a bit of a faff to use and looking very dated in comparison to WiFi calling. I’m very pleased that EE have already launched WiFi calling, and that Vodafone has committed to also launching it by the end of Summer.

    • James Vincent

      I see your point but an app gets it out to all android and iOS users. Where as EE has only a few selected hand sets. EE have done it the proper way as they’ve made changes to the network so there’s seemed hand over from WiFi to cell. But I’m happy with an app ‘cos that keeps cost down. It works well.

      • Russ

        I almost made mention of exactly your point (an app is more ubiquitous) as a ‘pro’ of the app option, but my post was already a bit too waffle-y!

        From an ease of use perspective though, I firmly believe that WiFi calling is the future due to how simple it is to use, and, as you also mention, the handoff between it and VoLTE so that your call doesn’t drop as you enter/leave a building with poor indoor mobile network coverage.

        I just hope that now we have two of the UK’s main networks on board, two generations of iPhones, and several mid-to-top end Android phones, it will become a standard feature of future handsets, meaning it will become available to most as they upgrade in time.

        • James Vincent

          Yes, WiFi calling will be the future of calling for those silly black spots. U also bring to mind that VoLTE is coming this year. It’s been said that it’s not easy to add. As hand over from VoLTE to UMTS/3G & GSM is another challenge. If all for Network Operators can make all these technologies work then we’ll have some greater call experiences. That and all the other things going on in the mobile industry with buy outs and selling, 2015 is setting a huge shift in our industry

        • James Vincent

          Exciting times