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World’s Smallest 4G Dongle On Way to UK

29th November 2012
4G Dongle ZTE has announced the world’s smallest 4G LTE data card ( 4G dongle ) and that its coming to the UK in the near future. Currently, the only choice for consumers is to use the  Huawei E392 4G modem which offers 4G download speeds via EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ).   ZTE’s new 4G Dongle is the MF823 and seems to pack a punch from what 4G can see. The 4G enabled MF823 dongle is just 13mm thick and consumes around 33% less power than other 4G dongles. It comes in white ( as can be seen above ) and works both with 3G ( HSPA+ ) and 4G ( 4G LTE ) and offers 4G mobile download speeds five times faster than 3G.   The 4G MF823 houses a Qualcomm LTE chip optimised for maximum 4G download speeds with a low delay rate and a high communication rate ( up to 100Mbps ). It has also been designed to eliminate any overheating so the case will remain cool to touch.   4G recently heard of a new ZTE phone – the ZTE Grand X Pro 4G Phone – so it looks good for ZTE fans as the company's 4G portfolio takes off. Meanwhile, 4G see the MF823 arriving in the first 3 months of 2013 and likely to be sold by EE as its second 4G dongle.
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