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Wembley to become the world’s best connected stadium with the help of EE

25th September 2014
EE wembley

EE's brand lights up Wembley Stadium

EE has big plans for Wembley Stadium. It’s already launched a Wembley Stadium mobile app and now it’s installed an interactive LED lighting system on the arch, which can respond to goals scored, crowd noise and more.

But that’s just stage one of EE’s plans. The network is also trialling contactless payments and ticketing with an aim to make over 50% of payments contactless by 2017.

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand at EE said: "Switching on the new connected arch marks an exciting moment in our technology roll out, with fantastic new app features launching in October, contactless technology to change the way people queue and pay, and so much 3G and 4G capacity that uploading selfies and downloading replays are possible for everyone. The Wembley experience has advanced so much in the last seven months, and it’s just going to keep getting better and better.”

By 2015 EE aims for Wembley to have the world’s fastest commercial 4G mobile network in a stadium, with quadruple the current capacity for calls, texts and data.

Fast forward even further and EE intends to bring 400Mbps 4G to Wembley Stadium in time for Euro 2020, ending its partnership with the stadium with a bang, though you might not even have to wait that long to experience blazing fast speeds as 400Mbps trials are due to start as soon as next year.

Already EE has improved 3G and 4G capacity at the stadium and next year the company plans to launch a 300Mbps LTE-Advanced network in Wembley.

Fotis Karonis, CTO at EE, said: "Since we announced this historic partnership six months ago, customers using the network at Wembley have already uploaded the equivalent of 850,000 selfies, and streamed 400,000 goal replays. We’ve added enough capacity to connect every visitor that walks through the gates, and we’re continuing to invest – more 3G, more 4G, Superfast Wi-Fi and the capability to launch a multi-operator 4G service, supporting all the networks, means everyone with a smartphone can be connected at Wembley.

“This partnership has a very clear vision – we want Wembley to be the world’s best connected stadium, showing off new technologies first and giving two million visitors a year the best possible Wembley experience.”

It’s certainly well on the way to becoming the world’s best connected stadium and you don’t even need to be on EE to take advantage, as the network will allow users of other mobile operators to access high speed 4G in the stadium, though to experience the top speeds you will need a Category 6 device such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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