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Vodafone’s rapid 4G expansion reaches Dursley and Blyth

26th July 2016

vodafone 4g

Dursley in Gloucestershire and Blyth in Northumberland are the latest towns to benefit from Vodafone’s ongoing superfast 4G service rollout.

The Dursley Gazette reports that Vodafone customers in the town will soon have access to 4G connectivity, whilst 3G network performance should also be improved.

Elsewhere in the country, the News Post Leader reports that Vodafone 4G coverage has arrived in Blyth.

Both form part of the network’s aggressive expansion efforts across some 857 UK towns and cities. Vodafone claims that it is ‘currently spending around £1 billion on its network and services across the UK,’ having spent a similar amount last year.

This sustained investment has meant that more than 85% of the UK population is now able to access Vodafone’s speedy 4G network, with the operator making it a matter of priority to reach 98% coverage as soon as possible. To that end, Blyth and Dursley join the likes of Shrewsbury, Stone, Formby, and Lewes in gaining Vodafone 4G coverage since mid-June.

Of course, in Blyth’s case, both EE and Three already offer up strong 4G network connectivity, while EE also covers Dursley. Vodafone could be said to be playing catch-up with these two latest additions to its 4G-ready roster.

Meanwhile, O2 doesn’t currently offer 4G connectivity for either town. However, given the network sharing agreement that the operator has in place with Vodafone, these latest announcements could also prove to be good news for O2 customers in the Dursley and Blyth areas.

Besides its rapid 4G expansion, the Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal programme is promising to bring 3G coverage to 100 remote communities across the UK for the very first time.

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