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Vodafone could boost indoor 4G with a Radio Dot system

10th July 2015

Radio Dot system

70 percent of Vodafone’s customers use their mobile devices mostly indoors, yet indoor locations can be harder to bring a reliable signal to, as it has to pass through walls.

Ericsson may have found a solution though and Vodafone is set to test it out in its UK office in Waterloo.

The solution in question is called a Radio Dot system and it takes the form of a small smoke alarm sized device which can be installed in an office, shopping centre or other indoor location to boost the 4G signal.

Small cell technology isn’t a new thing, but traditional small cells struggle due to different radio frequencies and protocols, while the connection between the Radio Dot system and the wider 4G network is seamless.

Radio Dot system

Not only should it work better but it takes less time and money to install, as less wiring is required.

Although Vodafone is simply trialling the system for now it will presumably be rolled out commercially if the trial is a success and it’s easy to see how that could benefit people.

Not being able to get in touch with people or get online when in an office, shopping centre or entertainment venue can be enormously frustrating, as can losing a signal as you move across a large indoor location and the 4G Radio Dot system could put an end to that.

Vodafone UK Chief Technology Officer Jorge Fernandes said:

“With 70 per cent of customers using their mobile device mostly indoors, we want to eradicate the frustration of losing a conference call or video streaming session when moving throughout a business park or leaving a music venue.

“Through our work with the world’s leading equipment and network experts such as Ericsson, we are taking a big step towards achieving that goal through this trial, the first of its kind in the UK.”

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