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Vodafone 4G Launch Examined

12th November 2012

Vodafone are unable to launch its 4G network and 4G phones until at least May 2013 and it could potentially be months later. EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) has already launched 4G and is currently selling 4G phones, 4G tablets and 4G mobile broadband.

Vodafone will be launching its 4G network some seven months after EE and could be later. Vodafone’s 4G network launch relies on them landing their desired 4G frequency spectrum which is being auctioned between now and the Spring of 2013.

Vodafone are keen to land 4G frequency spectrum in the 800Mhz band as this offers much better indoor coverage than the other band being auctioned ( 2.6GHz ). It’s well known in the mobile industry that over 65% of mobile phone usage is made indoors and this is exactly why Vodafone has made a commitment to offer 4G indoor coverage to over 98% of the UK population  by 2015.

Vodafone are currently spending over 1.5 million pounds a day and has over 5000 staff preparing for the launch of its 4G mobile network. In the coming seven months ( or more ) Vodafone will obviously be working hard to launch its 4G network in as many regions as possible at the time of its 4G launch. The Vodafone 4G launch date has not yet been confirmed nor has the scope of the 4G launch – this could be either a regional 4G launch ( like EE did last month ) or a full national 4G launch. With over 5000 staff currently readying its 4G network, foresee a major regional launch or a full national 4G launch from Vodafone.

In the time from now to its 4G launch sometime around May 2013, Vodafone has made a 4G price promise to new and existing customers which basically means that if you buy a 3G phone or tablet from Vodafone ( which is also sold as a 4G phone by EE ) then they have a discount scheme for you to update your recently bought 3G phone or 3G tablet into a 4G one. More here.

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