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The iPhone 5 – still available to pre-order

17th September 2012
[caption id="attachment_710" align="aligncenter" width="185"]i-Phone 5 selling like hot-cakes... i-Phone 5 selling like hot-cakes...[/caption]

Apple opened its on-line Apple store for pre-orders of the iPhone 5 and amazingly sold out within twenty four hours of going live. The current lead-time via the Apple store to get an iPhone 5 in your mitts is 2 to 3 weeks waiting time. Phew 4G wants one lol.

You can camp outside any Apple store the night before September 21st and if you are at the front of the queue you can get one, but no-one knows how many each store has been allocated.

All the UK mobile operators have the iPhone 5 on pre-order but some are running out of stock to fulfil pre-orders at an alarming rate. One operator still offering the iPhone 5 on pre-order is Three.

It’s available with all memory options and starts on contract at £34 per month and that gets you 16GB edition with a choice of black or white with unlimited mobile data allowance, 5000 texts and 500 minutes talk-time. You’ll need to cough up £79 upfront but after all this is £600 handset.

The iPhone 5 on the Three One Plan for £36 a month brings unlimited mobile data allowance, 5000 texts and 2000 minutes talk-time.

The same Three tariffs are available on the 32GB iPhone 5 which will cost £37 and £39 respectively with an up-front cost of £89. The 64GB model will cost you £40 or £42 a month with upfront fee of £109.

All are still currently available ready to be shipped to customers on September 21st and can be ordered.

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