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Samsung Galaxy SIII Goes 4G LTE

13th September 2012
[caption id="attachment_662" align="aligncenter" width="260"]One of the best 3G phones goes 4G - after selling 20 million 3G units. One of the best 3G phones goes 4G - after selling 20 million 3G units.[/caption]  

The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be one of the first 4G phones to be available in the UK. It will be a 4G LTE version in Titanium Grey ( see above ) and only available from EE ( Everything Everywhere ). The Samsung Galaxy SIII has been a huge success for Samsung having sold over 20 Million units to-date.

The 4G Samsung Galaxy SIII will be ready to buy from EE when their 4G mobile network launches sometime in 2012, after the current 4G trials in four cities have been concluded.

For anyone who buys the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII from EE there will be a significant increase in download speeds of five times faster when compared to current 3G download speeds.

Samsung further announced other colour options such as a “Garnet Red” version from the Carphone Warehouse but this will be a 3G enabled phone. Other colours coming soon include Sapphire Black and Amber Brown which does mean that you choose from 5 colours soon when seeking a new Samsung Galaxy SIII. However, only one – the Titanium Grey – will be able to work with the UK’s first 4G mobile network from EE.

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