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Red+ for Business makes it easy for small businesses on Vodafone to share data

12th August 2014
Red+ for Business makes it easy for small businesses on Vodafone to share data

If you run a small business it helps to keep things as simple as possible, such as having one mobile bill rather than one for each employee or device. Red+ for Business does just that and more besides as you can see in Vodafone’s handy explanatory video.

Essentially it gives you a single 4G data limit for multiple devices, whether they’re phones, laptops or tablets, making it easier to keep track of and manage data use. If you have employees you can cap each individual’s data allowance, so that no single person can eat through all of your data.

At any time anyone on the plan can check how much data they have left by sending a text to Vodafone and if someone gets close to their data limit then both they and the leader will get a text warning them and the leader can increase or remove the cap if more data is needed. The overall data limits are the same as on ordinary Red 4G business plans, so you have a choice of 4GB, 7GB, 10GB or 13GB of data and can set limits for each sharer of 500MB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB.

You can add up to 9 devices or employees to a Red+ plan and as well as shared data each employee or device will also receive unlimited UK minutes and texts, so it’s easy to stay in communication. Plus there’s just the one bill, keeping things simple and by having one contract rather than several you can even save money. Getting set up is simple too, just head in to a Vodafone store or give its telesales a call.

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