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Police made more productive with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

7th October 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

While a lot of important police work happens out in the field, officers will typically have to return to base to access files and run checks, but with the help of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that’s no longer necessary for officers in Lancashire.

So far 725 police officers have been equipped with one and ultimately more than 2,000 will be, giving them access to policing apps which in combination with EE 4G lets them read live crime reports and access the police national computer to run checks.

The handsets will also allow them to take witness statements electronically, which could be a lot faster than doing so with a pen and paper.

They’ll even be able to post directly onto the Constabulary’s numerous social media accounts from the field, according to 2BR, helping them speed up the process of making appeals or just engaging with the public.

Of course there are reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was chosen over other phones. Its 5.7-inch screen gives officers plenty of room to read and operate and its stylus speeds up productivity, making it in some ways like a modernised version of the notebook they’d typically carry around.

Partnering with EE was surely no accident either, as the network has the fastest and most widespread 4G network in the UK, so police officers are likely to be able to get online and fully access their policing apps in most places.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rollout is a good move which cuts down on administration, thereby saving valuable time and likely also money. Lancashire police aren’t the first to have been equipped with them either, as Cumbria Constabulary have been using Galaxy Note 4’s since earlier this year. Hopefully other parts of the UK will soon follow.

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