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O2 uses fibre to handle unprecedented growth in 4G LTE Traffic

12th November 2014
o2 4g

O2 launched its 4G LTE network back in August, 2013 and currently spans over 260 towns and cities and over 50% of the UK population.

Since launch, O2 has handled over 5,400 Terabytes of 4G data and continues to grow day on day as each new 4G mobile user comes on-board and each new town or city becomes switched on to 4G. The operator currently has over one million 4G subscribers.

To combat the possibility of future network overload, the operator is to install a 4,500km fibre network running from Glasgow in Scotland to Salisbury in the south west of England. The fibre network is being provided and managed by Zayo Group and comes with 19 connectivity points and numerous mobile switching sites across the UK.

Alastair Kane, European VP at Zayo, commented: “By moving this particular infrastructure to a dedicated fibre optic platform, O2 can manage their growth more effectively.” “Deploying high capacity core fibre is essential when faced with this increase in data traffic and the resilience and reliability of our network is important for customers”.

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