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O2 gives government, charity and voluntary organisations £100 towards a tablet

10th February 2015

O2’s cost-effective No.10 4G tariff gives government, charity and voluntary organisations £100 towards a tablet

Fancy 5GB of 4G data per month plus £100 to put towards a tablet? Well if you work in a government, charity or voluntary organisation you might be able to get just that, as O2 has made its ‘No.10’ tariff, which includes all that, available exclusively to those organisations.

Add an extra £2 per month per device and you’ll also get access to a mobile device management tool, giving you or your company a greater ability to manage devices and data usage.

Better yet there’s no minimum spend required for the tariff and customers can cancel at any time, so it’s flexible with no commitment. It can also be scaled to different requirements, as speaking to Computer World UK Billy D’Arcy, MD of Public Sector Business at O2, said:

“This new tariff provides organisations with the flexibility to run a pilot with 50 tablets or rollout 5,000+ to all of their frontline employees.”

The Children’s charity Barnado’s is among the organisations which have already signed up for O2’s No.10 tariff, with Martin Duffy, IT services manager at Barnado’s saying: “The rollout of tablets and smartphones has increased the mobility of our workforce, been delivered at a lower cost and increased job satisfaction amongst our staff.”

As D’Arcy says, the tariff is designed to “make it easy for public sector organisations to connect their employees to the information, tools and people they need when working on the move.”

So far if Barnado’s feedback is anything to go by it’s achieving just that, bringing charities, government and voluntary organisations up to date with speedy 4G technology, enabling them to work more efficiently wherever they are and all at an affordable price.

Find out more here : O2 No. 10 Tariff

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