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Nokia Catwalk – new lighter 4G Windows phone

7th January 2013
Nokia Catwalk

The Nokia Catwalk is rumoured to be the successor to Nokia’s current flagship Lumia model – the Nokia Lumia 920 ( above ). 4G.co.uk reviewed the 4G enabled Nokia Lumia 920 and our review concluded “. It does weigh a lot, but this handset looks great. If only it had a better battery life”.

Nokia Lumia 920 – the good and the not so good

The Nokia Lumia 920 had been hailed as Nokia’s best smartphone for many a year but as we indicated in our review above one of the main gripes was the weight of it. The competition was way lighter – with the Nokia Lumia 920 weighing in at 190 grams whilst the iPhone 5 weighed a mere 112 grams. Most of the additional weight was due to the addition of the snazzy camera lens and wireless charging.

Nokia Catwalk – the next in line

The Nokia Catwalk ( a codename ) is rumoured to replace the Nokia Lumia 920 and is a new 4G premium windows smartphone. This would be a high-end flagship model just like the Lumia 920 but the really good news is that it will be much thinner and lighter. This is mainly attributed to it being made of aluminium. The rumour came via TheVerge who also say that there could well be replacements too for the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 620.

No more details are currently available but something may spill out of the CES Exhibition at Las Vegas so we will be looking out for anything else.

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