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Lycamobile launches unlimited 4G data deal, or is it?

12th May 2014
Lycramobile 4G

Competition is really starting to heat up between the networks to offer the best value 4G tariffs and now Lycamobile has jumped on board with one of the most compelling offers yet. The MVNO, which uses the O2 network, has launched a £12 per month tariff, for which you’ll get unlimited 4G data, unlimited texts and 500 UK minutes.

Now, 500 minutes might not go far if you tend to make a lot of calls, but as for the rest of the allowances, well you can’t complain about unlimited texts and to offer unlimited 4G data and for such a low price is especially impressive.

Lycamobile isn’t the only company doing this. Three and Giffgaff both have some good value tariffs with unlimited 4G data too, but they restrict tethering whereas Lycamobile doesn’t appear to.

There is some small print to be aware of though. You only actually get 10GB of 4G data per month, which is still quite a lot and after that you’re not cut off, your speed is simply lowered to 3G or below.

The use of the word unlimited may be misleading and arguably even factually inaccurate but this is still a great deal. As well as being cheap to use in England it’s worth noting that Lycamobile specialises in international calls, so if you have friends or family abroad you could save a lot of money on calling them through Lycamobile too and as it uses the O2 network it has extensive, reliable phone coverage, though O2 still has a lot of ground to cover with 4G coverage.

The £12 per month offer is available to both new and existing customers and as there’s no limited term there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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