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Giffgaff 4G Coming March 2014

24th October 2013

Giffgaff has posted on its community blog that it will be launching 4G as early as March, 2014.

Giffgaff will continue to piggyback onto O2’s 4G mobile network as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator ( MVNO ). O2 themselves launched 4G on 28th August in Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Sheffield, London and Nottingham and will extend this to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle before the end of 2013.

4G expect Giffgaff to launch 4G in exactly the same cities as O2 when its 4G goes live.

Giffgaff involved 4,600 people via a members survey who were asked what they would like to see coming out of the company’s forthcoming 4G project and there will be further consultations in November, January and finally before the end of March 2014.

Giffgaff say that its customers may notice a difference with their SIM settings in readiness for 4G and these will make for a smooth switch to 4G when the time comes.

There will be a new giffgaff phone store which will focus on 4G ready phones and make the process of buying one as simple as possible.

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