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Get connected with EE’s free London Underground Wi-Fi

15th October 2015

ee wifi london underground

4G is fast, but there are places where it’s still not available, places like the London Underground. Yet thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots on the London Underground you can still get superfast data on your smartphone while travelling and if you’re on EE they’re free to use.

The network has recently changed how you connect though, so whether you’re new to the service or a regular user of EE’s London Underground Wi-Fi you’ll need to follow the steps below to get up and running.

Getting registered

First you need to be an EE, Orange or T-Mobile customer with a Wi-Fi enabled device. It’s not limited to smartphones though, you can also connect to any tablet or laptop for example.

Next if you’ve never used the service before you’ll need to register. You do this by turning Wi-Fi on and selecting the ‘Virgin Media Wi-Fi’ hotspot. This will send a unique code to your device and once registered you should automatically connect to the ‘EE WiFi-Auto’ hotspot whenever you travel on the London Underground.

Setting up EE WiFi-Auto

However if it doesn’t automatically connect or you’re using an Android device and are not a new London Underground Wi-Fi customer changes to the service mean that you’ll likely have to manually adjust some settings.


On Android handsets and Android SIM tablets just select ‘EE WiFi-Auto’ from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Then select the ‘access method’ as ‘EAP’ and the ‘EAP method’ as ‘SIM’. If you don’t see ‘SIM’ as an option it means that unfortunately your device isn’t compatible with the service. You should still be able to use the Virgin Media Wi-Fi hotspot though.


After you’ve done this once it will then automatically connect on all future London Underground journeys, just make sure you have Wi-Fi turned on.

If you’re on iOS 7 or above then you shouldn’t have to do any of this. Just register, turn on Wi-Fi and away you go.

Where is London Underground Wi-Fi available?

London Underground Wi-Fi is provided by Virgin Media and is available in ticket halls, platforms and walkways at more than 100 stations. However it’s not available in tunnels or between stations.

Other things to note

You get unlimited free usage with Virgin Media’s London Underground Wi-Fi, however as it’s a public service some internet content will be blocked.

The Virgin Media hotspot allows you to register up to three devices at once. If you register a fourth then the device you use least will automatically be disconnected.

When using the EE WiFi-Auto hotspot you’ll only be able to connect with a device which has your EE SIM card in it. However if you are using a device with no SIM card you can simply connect to the Virgin Media Wi-Fi hotspot instead.

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