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Super Three SIM deal - 4GB data & unlimited mins just £11

2nd February 2017

Three sim only deals

Want a brilliant SIM only deal for your existing phone? You’ve come to the right place! Right now you can get 4GB of data for the price of 2GB on a SIM Only Three contract.

This super offer costs just £11 per month, down from a standard price of £17 per month. That’s a saving of £ each month, which adds up to a massive £84 saving over the 12-month life of the contract.

And this offer isn’t just generous with data, it also nets you unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, so you can talk and text as much as you want, and browse and stream for hours on end.

You can buy it now on Three by checking them out here.

Are any other SIM offers available?

Yes, it's not the only SIM Only deal currently offered by Three, as the network is also giving away three months free on all SIM Only plans with at least 2GB of data, for a limited time, as well as offering savings of up to 32% on select 30GB SIM Only tariffs.

And there are a whole lot of SIM Only tariffs to choose from on Three, right up to unlimited data – which you won’t find on any other network.

If you’re happy with your current phone or just want to save some money, any of these could be a good option, but for ultimate savings and generous allowances the exclusive 4GB of data for the price of 2GB offer is tough to beat – but it’s only available for a limited time, so grab it while you can!

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