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EE Tops RootScore Tests in Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow

23rd July 2013

EE have been consistently winning RootScore tests lately and they can now add three more victories to their total.

RootMetrics tested EE, O2, Vodafone and Three for call performance, text performance, mobile internet performance and combined performance across Glasgow, Belfast and Edinburgh this month and 4GEE came out on top in all of them.

Overall more than 26,000 tests were carried out in Edinburgh and Belfast while over 30,000 were done in Glasgow, in order to get the most accurate ratings possible for each category. The 4G mobile operator won the combined performance category in all three cities and came first (or in some cases drew for first) in everything else too.

4GEE decimated the competition in the mobile internet category, which is no surprise given that they’re the only network to currently offer 4G - and what’s more they recently rolled out improvements in Edinburgh and Glasgow to theoretically double their 4G speeds.

The download and upload speeds for Edinburgh were particularly impressive, coming in at an average download speed of 17.1 Mbps and an average upload speed of 11 Mbps. Three were the next best, with speeds of just 7.7 Mbps for downloads and a mere 1.9 Mbps for uploads- nearly 10 Mbps slower than EE in both cases, less than half the overall download speed EE managed and not even one fifth of 4GEE’s upload speed.

It’s no surprise that 4GEE dominated the mobile internet category, but the fact that they did so well in the other categories too is quite impressive. Reassuringly none of the networks did terribly in the call or text categories, with all the networks achieving fairly similar scores- even Vodafone, who had previously been struggling with RootMetrics tests.  

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