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EE brings security to your smartphone with Lookout

2nd July 2014

EE brings security to your smartphone with Lookout

Lookout Mobile Security app lands on EE smartphones and tablets

Smartphone security is important, especially if you’re banking, using your email or accessing other sensitive data on your phone. There are a variety of security focussed apps available for Android phones but in general you have to hunt them down and download them yourself.

If you’re on EE though that’s no longer necessary. The network has partnered with Lookout (a leader in mobile security) to pre-load Android phones and tablets with the Lookout Mobile Security app, which automatically scans apps and files for malware, viruses, adware and spyware. It also has a ‘Locate and Scream’ feature, where ‘Locate’ uses Google Maps to show the location of your phone if it’s been lost or stolen and ‘Scream’ can be used to sound an alarm on it, even if it’s set to silent.

Lookout Mobile Security can also be used to make a backup of your contacts, so that you can easily transfer them to a new device.

Lookout Mobile Security is a free app which you can get even if you don’t have an EE device, but if you do buy from EE it will come pre-installed, so you’ll instantly be protected. It’s even more beneficial to people who may not even think to install any security software.

If you want even more security though EE has you covered there too, as the network also offers an EE edition of Lookout Premium, which is available for £2 per month or free to customers with EE’s Clone Phone Fully Loaded insurance.

On top of the features offered by Lookout Mobile Security, Lookout Premium can also scan SMS messages, remotely lock or wipe a device and backup photos and call history. It will also use the front facing camera to take a photo if anyone ever tries to remove the battery or SIM card or put the device into flight mode. That photo will then be emailed to you along with the location of the device, so while you’ll probably get a lot of photos of yourself it could be tremendously useful if your phone or tablet is ever stolen.

Finally, Lookout Premium also offers privacy protection, by giving you details of which apps access your private data.

Christopher Traggio, Director of Mobile Insurance and Added Value Products, EE said, “With superfast download speeds, and smartphone and tablet ownership growing all the time - more people than ever before are using a mobile device rather than a PC to get online. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Lookout to ensure that whatever our customers choose to do with their devices, they’ll have the peace of mind offered by the very latest in mobile security protection”.

EE’s partnership with Lookout brings enhanced security measures to the consumer market, while EE also has a history of delivering secure business handsets through its MobileIron service.

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