April 8, 2013

About 4G.co.uk

4G.co.uk Limited

4G was formed in 2010 with the aim of reporting on everything to do with 4G Mobile Technology, 4G Mobile Phones, Tablets  and Mobile Networks within the UK.

4G offers a straightforward way for you to find out all about the latest 4G mobile phones and to checkout our independent 4G mobile phone reviews. We also bring you the very latest news and developments with regard to 4G mobile network launches and updates.

4G-HeadquartersWe began as a news and reviews resource but quickly included our well written guides, features and comparison articles to offer additional resources for our readers.

All our content is written by our team of article writers and phone reviewers. These are highly skilled in technology writing and fully experienced within the 4G Telecom sector.

We always aim to attend all press conferences and events relevant to 4G phones and tablets launched in the UK and always attend events such as CES in the US and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona plus many more throughout the year.

Our Team

Kevin Thomas ST4G Simon Thomas
Editor Deputy Editor
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JR4G James Rogerson Neil Neil Mohr
Technology Writer Technology Writer
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 Blank Profile Image Laura Mason  Blank Profile Image Joyce Symmonds
Social Networker Admin Support
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Our Other Website

3G.co.uk3G.co.uk was launched in 1999 with the aim of being the lead website in the UK for everything to do with 3G technology. The website continues to operate today and is a well respected source for news, reviews and unique content.

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  • Malcolm Thomas

    BEWARE….They may give you a Good Deal on your Mobile But Everything is Not as it seems…There EQUIPMENT interferes with Televisions and other Equipment making it Unable to Function…If this happens this will More Likely will Cost you a Packet,As they sell you a Device to help fix the Problem…But then YOU have to pay out £300 plus Vat for some one to come along to fix this Device to your Equipment…Which I think is DISGUSTING Since 4G have Created this Problem and you are Forced to pay for it…Would you still Purchase a Deal from this Company…?