September 14, 2012

The iPhone 5 4G – mobile operator networks run through


Whose selling what in the iPhone 5 gold-rush.

Whose selling what in the iPhone 5 gold-rush.

This is the second in a series of articles looking at what the benefits of the new iPhone 5 are over its predecessor the iPhone 4S. This article looks at whose selling the iPhone 5 and what network connectivity is offered. Our first article covered : The iPhone 5 4G – the Retina display run through.

Apple confirmed the UK availability date of 21st September for the iPhone 5 smartphone this week and if you want a 3G enabled one you need to pre-order as soon as possible as 4G understands stock is limited.

The key issue is that this is both a 3G and a 4G enabled smartphone so who is offering 4G speeds via 4G connectivity ? After all, a 4G enabled iPhone 5 will likely run FIVE times faster than a 3G enabled one.

The only mobile operator offering 4G connectivity in the UK for up to the next 12 months is EE ( Everything Everywhere which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) so if you want a 4G enabled iPhone 5 and 4G speeds then your choice must be with EE. However, EE don’t actually have their 4G network “live yet” – the plan is to have it “live” in 16 UK cites before the end of 2012. More details of EE’s 4G rollout can be read here.

The options for a new iPhone 5 running on a 3G enabled network is much easier. Firstly, both Orange and T-Mobile will be selling it. Both have now launched “coming soon “pages and

Three has been quick off the mark and will also be offering the 3G enabled version of the iPhone 5 and have a pre-order page up and running. View Three’s iPhone 5 page here.