December 5, 2013

Three to launch 4G next week with no extra cost

Three 4G

Three’s 4G network going live in 4 towns and cities.

Three have announced its 4G network will go live next week. The initial launch will bring 4G connectivity to London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading on 13th December.

Three are the last of the 4G operators to launch 4G and have fallen behind EE, Vodafone and O2. In-fact, EE will have launched 4G in 160 towns and cities by the end of this year.

The good news is that Three now have 4G live. Three have been selling 4G ready phones for some time now and this will mean that anyone with a 4G ready device will be seamlessly connected.

The bottom line is that will be no extra cost for 4G and no need to arrange a new contract. The update to 4G will be done via a simple software update to the 4G device.

The operator is currently working closely with a few thousand of its customers who will be the first to receive 4G connectivity . The roll-out will begin in earnest over the next couple of months.

Three will be offering 4G to over 1.5 million of its customer by February, 2014, to over 8 million in 50 cities by the end of 2014 and will cover 98% of the UK population by the end of 2105.

Three chief executive Dave Dyson said: “We are building a brand and network that encourages and enables customers to enjoy the mobile internet. Customers are using more data than ever on Three, far more than on any other network. As we add 4G capacity to the network, this experience will only get better.”

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  • simon

    Can you confirm where you got the 13th Dec from? I havn’t read this anywhere else and at the three store they are saying they are not launching in London until next month and that basically it was just a marketing trick to keep the christmas sales. The three rep even yesterday said that the ‘2013’ cities are just being tested in December by a private set of 3000 users and will effectively be shut to the Public and not launching at all until 2014.

    • david

      No they can’t the site is cap too slow to update. I was told by three the 22nd of December. I have had my phone software update. A network search shows 3 3g and 3 4g.

  • Stephen

    I am on a Three contract and last might my I-phone received a “cellular settings upgrade” message, I wonder if this is inpreaparation for 4G?

  • Kevin Thomas

    Hi Simon

    Three’s rollout plans are detailed here

    The key to what Three are saying is that the 4G network is live but switching people on will take longer.

    I note what you say and its about right as far we know.

  • Kevin Thomas

    Hi Stephen

    Three say it could be January or February before you see a little 4G icon

    That firstly applies in London, Birmingham and Manchester

    Hope that helps

  • Ken

    Anyone who’s contract finished around dec 2013, could of re-signed because they thought they was gonna get 4g straight away!! But now have to wait until at least Feb

  • Kevin Thomas


    We have posted an update

    Three’s 4G Mobile Network Status Round Up : 9th January, 2014