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4G LTE Explained in various ways

10th September 2012 decided to take a look at how other people choose to outline exactly what 4G is and what it offers. Here in the UK, we may get a 4G network launch from Everything Everywhere in 2012 and at the same time, possibly the first 4G LTE phone, the Nokia 920.

4G LTE Explained

We have posted three videos about 4G which explain different viewpoints and angles on why 4G is important and what benefits it will bring.

The first offering below is via BlackBerry and is a straightforward interview session where a technical expert explains the benefits of 4G LTE.

The second offering below is from 4G Britain and is a more formal explanation of why 4G is needed in the UK and the many benefits it will bring. There are many more potential benefits than you may first imagine and is well worth a whole viewing.

The third offering is from the US and comes via marquesbrownlee. It gives what we here at 4G see as the best no-nonsense explanation of what 4G stands for and what improvements in 4G phone downloads etc. we can expect.

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