November 4, 2013

LG G2 4G Phone


The LG G2 is the latest flagship phone from LG. It combines power and innovation for one of the most interesting handsets of the year.


LG G2 LG G2 Highlights
Display : 5.2 inch 1080 x 1920 pixels PPI 424
Operating System : Android 4.2.2
Processor: 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800
RAM : 2GBb On-Board memory : 16 GB / 32GB
Camera : 13 megapixels
Ultrafast/ 3G/4G LTE : Yes / Yes / Yes
Fuller specification details below.

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LG G2 Review

Apple iPhone 5 Review Our LG G2 review will be posted in the near future. Meanwhile, checkout our review below.
LG G2 Review coming soon.


The LG G2 is a top flight phone in so many ways but its design isn’t likely to turn many heads, or at least not in a positive sense. It suffers from plastic rectangle syndrome but worse than that it has an especially ugly back as LG has seen fit to put the buttons there.

There’s method behind that madness, as the theory is that it’s a more convenient place for the buttons to be, making the phone easier to use one handed and there’s some truth in that.

While the phone itself might not be much of a looker the screen is bound to impress. It’s a 5.2 inch True HD IPS+ LCD 1080 x 1920 display with a pixel density of 424 pixels per inch. So it’s both big and high resolution.

The LG G2 is very powerful too, with a 2.26 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM.

There’s a choice of 16 or 32GB of built in storage, but in a rare move for Android there’s no micro SD card slot, so you can’t expand the storage.

The LG G2 has a 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation. It also has a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera and can shoot 1080p video at 60fps.

It supports 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and infrared, so in other words pretty much as much as you could hope for a phone to support.

The LG G2 has a 3000 mAh battery which has a standby time of up to 900 hours or a talk time of up to 17 hours and 30 minutes, giving it a well above average battery life overall.

LG G2 Release Date & Price

The LG G2 is out now and available SIM free from around £400, which puts it in competition with the likes of the HTC One.

It’s also available on a 24 month 4G contract with EE, where prices start at £39.99 per month, which gives you 500MB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts, with no upfront fee for the handset.

O2 also have it available on a 24 month 4G contract with no upfront fee and prices starting from £42 per month. That gives you unlimited minutes and texts and 1GB of data.


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LG G2 : Useful Articles
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LG G2 Specs

LG G2 : Specification Details
Dimensions : 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm
Weight: 143 grams
Display : 5.2 inch touchscreen display
Screen Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) : PPI = 424
Processor: Quad-core Snapdragon 800
On-board Memory: 16GB /32GB
Camera : 13 megapixels
Operating system: Android 4.2.2
Ultrafast / 3G / 4G LTE : Yes / Yes / No
Bluetooth / NFC : Yes / Yes
Colours : Black, White