April 26, 2016

Three 4G Super-Voice arrives in Southport

Three 4g super voice

Three UK is tackling mobile black spots and bringing superfast services to Southport after rolling out its new 4G Super-Voice initiative in the area. Customers in Merseyside will soon be able to enjoy faster speeds and improved coverage as part of the mobile network’s plans to extend 4G coverage nationwide.

Three has invested heavily in its 4G network during the last year with a series of initiatives and new sites. It has also launched a new Three InTouch application for Android and iOS, which enables customers to make free calls and texts via Wi-Fi even if they are in an area with no signal.

Smartphone and tablet users in Southport can now look forward to the benefits of Three’s 4G Super-Voice, dubbed the “Blackspot Banisher.” The new tech uses low frequency signals that travel further into buildings in urban and rural areas so that users can take advantage of their calls, texts and data in locations that they couldn’t previously.

As noted by the Southport Visitor, Three is now extending 4G Super-Voice to people across Liverpool, with Director of Customer Strategy Danny Dixon revealing that it would be key to delivering a “quality experience.” The service is already available to two-thirds of the UK population and is estimated to reach 5.5 million customers by the end of 2017.

Three Chief Technology Officer Bryn Jones said: “By the end of the year, millions of our customers will have access to better indoor coverage and be able to use their phones in more places than ever before. We are proud to be the first network to roll this out across the country, and deliver better coverage to the people living in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.”

Customers with handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6 Plus will soon get a notification about the availability of the new software.

  • Tommyt

    Having complained to Three about the lack of signal in my town centre many times. Their coverage chart recently showed my town had been upgraded to their 4G Super Voice sevice. But after Three claiming this service would banish indoor blackspots, their coverage chart shows it will only improve the outdoor signal in my area. So duly armed with my updated iPhone6 with 4G voice and data activated in settings, I had a walk around my town. Several times I could achieve a no service notice on my phone after the 3G signal dropped from the usual one bar to zero. At no time did the 4G Super Voice signal cut in. Is anybody else having similar problems of non activation after losing their 3G signal ? And to make matters even more complicated, Three told me that as long as my area is covered by 3G whether I can get a signal or not – Super Voice will not cut in ?? Can anybody out there explain what is going on ?

  • Tommyt

    Since my last post– I checked the coverage chart for my town today, when I tap on the 4G coverage indicator, it is now telling me that I have good 4G Super Voice coverage in my town. It used to just say ‘4G not available’ even though it was telling me that my town had been upgraded to Super Voice, It also says I will soon be banishing signal black spots. SO !! Where do I stand ? Do I have the 4G Super Voice signal in my town now ? If so has it been switched on, as Three are saying I will be banishing signal blackspots ‘soon’. So how far away is ‘soon’ going to be ? By the way – it’s still not switching in when my phone is showing ‘ no service’. Why can’t Three be more upfront about their switch on timescale ?