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GuidesA collection of guides which will help you get to grips with 4G mobile technology. 

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How fast is 4G? – 4G speeds and UK network performance

4G is faster than 3G, but just how much faster is it really? And what practical difference does the speed make? We’ve got the answers.

4G frequencies – Which UK networks will my phone work on?

Not all 4G is equal. It has to travel on a frequency band and several are used in the UK and each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

4G Mobile Broadband – Dongles and Mobile WiFi

Compare 4G mobile broadband dongles and mobile WiFi devices on all the UK's networks. Compare features and deals!

4G Upgrades – Can I upgrade my phone and how?

Find out whether you are eligible for a 4G upgrade, how to upgrade to your phone and how to make sure you get the best possible upgrade deal.

What is 4G?

What is 4G ? An Easy to Follow Guide written by experts for you to learn the basics of 4G mobile technology in a few minutes.

What is VoLTE?

What is VoLTE? We summarise what's good about VoLTE, how it works and when we will be getting it.

4G LTE Advanced – What you need to know about LTE-A

What is 4G LTE Advanced otherwise known as 4G LTE-A. Everything explained for you in a simple and clear way.

Orange Upgrades – How to upgrade to EE 4G

Orange Upgrades. Everything you need to know about upgrading to EE 4G. Find out whether you are eligible for an Orange upgrade and how to upgrade to EE 4G.