September 8, 2015

EE survey reveals that tablets are set to replace laptops at work

EE Sunsail tablet shoot

In a survey of 2000 UK workers EE has found that 52 percent believe tablets will replace laptops in the workplace within ten years, while 36 percent think it will happen even sooner than that.

Already a change is visible, with 31 percent saying that laptop usage is declining and 24 percent saying that they’ve already switched from a laptop to a tablet at work.

However EE’s research also shows that 30 percent of respondents are keeping their tablets for over three years, despite 24 months being the longest contract period available.

In light of this EE has launched the UK’s first 36-month tablet plan. It’s specifically built for small businesses and should prove cost effective for any company which doesn’t upgrade its tablets after two years or less.

Sunsail, a global yachting charter company, is one business which is already benefiting from a partnership with EE.

Simon Boulding, Director at Sunsail, says: “We’ve used 4G tablets and EE’s smart forms bundle with Canvas to improve the way we work, replacing our old paper-based forms and manual procedures for everything from customer relations and performing checks on our boats as they come in and go out.

“Since introducing tablets into the business, we’ve seen a 60% increase in customer engagement and we predict we will save over £10,000 per year on labour and direct costs – directly benefitting our bottom line. At Sunsail we constantly strive to increase efficiency and sustainability, and EE has been an invaluable partner in our journey.”

The new 36-month tablet plan is available now to small business customers, but EE is also continuing to sell 24-month plans and 30-day rolling SIMs.

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