August 12, 2013

Vodafone Red 4G Detailed

Vodafone Red 4G Detailed

Vodafone Red 4G Detailed

Vodafone’s 4G launch is just weeks away and the network have finally let slip some details regarding data allowances and prices.

Initially 4G will be available from Vodafone in four sizes – 2GB a month (known as Red 4G), 4GB a month (known as Red 4G L), or 8GB a month (known as Red 4G XL). If those names sound familiar it’s because Vodafone already offer ‘Red’ tariffs, but the 4G versions come with double the data of the existing 3G tariffs. All of these plans also come with unlimited minutes and texts, so never again will you need to worry about making long calls.

Prices start at £26 a month for a SIM-only deal. Alternatively Vodafone Red 4G is available on 24 month contracts, with a 4G-ready handset included from £34 a month. For a 24 month Red 4G L (4GB) contract with a handset included prices start at £39 a month and for Red 4G XL with 8GB of data prices start from £44 a month.

As an added bonus, all Red 4G customers can opt to have free Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium included with their contract. The basic Red 4G tariff gives you six months of free access (after which you can either cancel or pay an additional monthly fee). However the Red 4G L and Red 4G XL plans give you free access for the entire two year duration of the contract. It’s worth noting that if you’re not sure which to go for Spotify Premium presents better value, as the normal price for that is £9.99 a month, while Sky Sports Mobile TV is just £4.99 a month.

If you’re already an existing Vodafone Red customer and you have a 4G ready device then you’ll be able to upgrade to Vodafone Red 4G for an extra £5 each month.

Vodafone’s prices work out favourably in comparison to EE, who have more tariffs available, but as an example charge £41 a month for 2GB of data on a 24 month contract – in other words £7 more expensive each month than Vodafone, who charge just £34 a month for that amount of data. Of course for the time being EE also have far wider coverage than Vodafone and potentially higher speeds in certain locations too, so that’s worth factoring in when deciding which network to commit to.

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