August 16, 2013

O2’s 4G Tariffs and Extras Detailed

O2 4G

O2 has revealed the full details of its coming 4G network tariffs.

4G on O2 is now just a couple of weeks away and the details of what customers can expect to pay are coming in thick and fast.

4G SIM only packages start at £26 a month for 1GB of data and go up to £36 a month for 5GB of data. If that’s still not enough then additional data will be available as a bolt-on costing £6 for 500MB or £10 for 1GB.

If you don’t already have a 4G-ready handset then you’ll have slightly more to pay as you’ll need a new phone too. Using the new O2 Refresh service you can get from 1GB of data for £22 a month to 8GB of data for £37 a month, on top of which you’ll need to pay between £10 and £25 a month for a new 4G handset. So depending on the handset and data allowance you choose the total price will be anywhere from £32 a month to £62 a month.

That’s potentially quite pricey, but the good news is that if you get in early (by the 31st of October) then whether you’re on a SIM-only tariff or need a new handset as well you’ll be eligible for a better deal. Specifically you’ll be able to get 5GB of data for £27 per month or 8GB for £32 per month (not including handset costs).

Existing O2 customers who already have a 4G-ready device won’t even need to sign a new contract to get 4G – they can just transfer over to a 4G tariff.

Customers who don’t already have a 4G device can reduce some of their costs by trading in their old handset to O2 recycle – giving them up to £300 to help pay off their existing contract.

O2 4G customers will gain access to a variety of extra’s such as O2 4G Tracks, which is free for the first 12 months if you sign up to 4G direct through O2. This includes the top 40 singles chart as well as other playlists and videos.

O2 4G customers will also be able to play select Gameloft games over 4G without using any of their data allowance. Finally, customers will also have access to Priority Sports, which includes sports and fitness videos.

Business tariffs are also being launched, with SIM only packages starting at £21.67 a month for 1GB of data on a 12 month contract, excluding VAT. Smartphone On & On tariffs will start at £26.67 for 1GB of data on a 24 month contract, and mobile broadband, tablet and data-only tariffs will be available from £14.17 a month. Mobile Wi-Fi also starts at £14.17 a month, but won’t be available until mid-September.

Whether on a personal or business contract a 90 day happiness guarantee is in place, whereby if you decide that you’re not benefiting from 4G you’ll be able to downgrade to a 3G account and get a bill credit of up to £15.