August 20, 2013

EE’s 4G Network is Untouchable Across Birmingham and Leicester

EE's 4G network is untouchable across Birmingham and Leicester

EE Rules the Roost in Birmingham and Leicester

With O2 and Vodafone on the verge of launching their own 4G networks, it should be no surprise that EE’s 4GEE network remains way out in front in terms of mobile network speed. Again and again RootScore has placed the EE 4GEE network well ahead of the pack and it seems that the results from Birmingham and Leicester show another stunning performance. This is summarised above.

Birmingham was a particularly strong performance for EE and you can be sure of the RootScore results with more than 25,000 mobile performance tests contributing to the final figures. Rather impressively the Birmingham speeds are the highest RootScore has ever recorded by any operator in UK, with the upload speeds faster than any other UK or US operator.

The average download speeds across Birmingham was a broadband-beating 24.2Mbps with the upload an equally impressive 19.3Mbps. To put this into perspective the Three network in second place could only managed 6.9Mbps upload and a 1.8Mbpsp download, that download speed is less than a tenth of 4GEE’s. What does this mean to you? At 24.2Mbps ian average-sized MP3 track could be completely downloaded in just two seconds, with even the next-best network taking four times as long to get the same track.

RootScore don’t just take mobile data speeds into account. Impressively EE won over all, even after counting call and text performance. O2 had the best call performance with the lowest number of call failures at 1.8 percent, EE’s network was a close second with just 2.4 percent. Text performance takes time to send and failure rates into consideration, placing O2 and EE as a dead heat for best performance. The final score for the four networks in Birmingham were EE 101, O2 83, Three 82 and Vodafone with a poor 56.

A similar wining result was seen throughout Leicester, though with somewhat reduced 4G speeds. EE’s 4GEE network managed an average 8.1Mbps upload and 14.4MBps download. The second-placed Three network only managed 6.5Mbps download or a third of the speed, with a 1.8MBps upload or a mere eighth of the 4GEE network.

As with Birmingham EE took the overall crown for best mobile network, but it didn’t have everything all of its own way. As with Birmingham O2 had the lowest failure rate at just 0.7 percent and EE in second with a low 1.2 percent. Text performance went to EE as the best network, but it was close across all four main networks. The final score for the four networks in Birmingham were EE 95, O2 85, Three 85 and Vodafone bringing up the rear again with 68.

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