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Vodafone 4G is speeding across to Lewes

5th July 2016

vodafone 4g

Vodafone has been steadily expanding its 4G coverage to the point where it’s now available to over 85% of the UK population, across thousands of communities, including recent additions like Shrewsbury, Stone and Formby.

But it’s not done yet and the Sussex Express reports that Lewes will also be getting a speedy upgrade in the next few months.

An exact date for when the 4G rollout will be complete in the town hasn’t been confirmed, but Vodafone has revealed that it’s begun upgrade works in the area.

In a statement Lewes MP Maria Caulfield said: “We have all come face to face with the frustration of trying to upload important details from an email, or gain information from the internet, but being unable to do so due to poor network coverage.

“In a world that is now, more than ever before constantly on the move, I think that steps forward, such as this, are key to the progress that an area can make, both socially, and economically.

“I look very much forward to hearing of the benefits that residents are able to recognise as a result of this investment in the local area by Vodafone.”

The improvement works are also expected to boost Vodafone’s 3G performance in the town, so it sounds like a comprehensive upgrade.

However, while Vodafone’s 4G roll out is sure to be welcomed by both residents and visitors it’s not going to be the first network to offer 4G in Lewes, as both EE and Three have reasonable coverage in the area.

O2 could soon be the weak link, as although technically it reports 4G in Lewes its coverage is patchy at best. However, given that O2 and Vodafone have a network sharing agreement this could be a signal that O2 will soon be improving its coverage in Lewes too.

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